Forget Frost on the Pumpkin: Prepare to Bundle Up Hearing Aid Batteries


Ohio is beautiful at this time of year. The fall foliage in Troy, Sidney and Celina is spectacular but it’s also a harbinger of what’s to come. That’s right, freezing cold weather. During the winter, annual lows tend to be in the 40s but we may experience much colder days and nights than that. The proof is in the news reports.

Last year, parts of the state got as low as -39 degrees! Toe-numbing, we know, but those little tootsies aren’t the only things we must protect from the cold. It’s also important to shield your hearing aid batteries from winter’s worst. Failing to do so may shorten their shelf life as well as cause them to malfunction, and who wants that? Thankfully, there are several ways to keep old Jack Frost from nipping at your hearing aid batteries.

For one, ask our Hearing Professionals™ about the best ways to store hearing aid batteries year round. We’re sure they’ll recommend storage containers that keep the hearing aid batteries from developing condensation or coming in contact with the elements. Examples of such storage aids include, but are not limited to dehumidifier boxes, silica gel desiccant packs and over-the-counter, Dri-Aid Kits®. Many are small enough to be tucked into a winter purse or travel bag for safe keeping.

Simply using a dry storage container isn’t enough though. As our Hearing Professionals™ can attest, maintaining a winter maintenance schedule is imperative too. Otherwise, hearing aid batteries and tubing may accumulate moisture as one transitions from outdoor, holiday events to evenings by the fireplace. As such, we recommend carrying travel size containers of compressed air, cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol along for those winter rides. They’re great for removing moisture from hearing aids in a pinch. To learn how to use them and what else must be done to preserve hearing aid batteries in the weeks ahead, please contact our Hearing Professionals™ today.

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