Four Tips for Lead Generation


The first step in growing your brand is to connect to your audience. You need to focus your marketing efforts on gaining a high-value audience that you can turn into potential customers.

In order to find these potential customers, you need to generate leads. Lead generation happens through inbound marketing. Here are four tips for generating leads for your business:

  1. Review your analytics. By reviewing the analytics, you get a complete picture of how your high-value audience is interacting with your marketing efforts. By knowing what potential customers are doing when they see your social media and website, you can tailor your marketing efforts to what works and move away from strategies that are not resulting in good returns. If sales are your ultimate marketing goal, as they should be, then converting analytics into leads is a must. You need to take the data presented and make sure it is engaging potential customers to the point where they want more information. Responses to your marketing efforts are nice, but they do not matter if you do not convert that attention into leads and sales. Conversions must happen if you want to have sales.
  2. Analyze website traffic by channel. Website traffic data will tell you how people are finding your site. There are many ways to arrive somewhere on the Internet. People may be searching for your business on Google, but they may also be clicking links posted by their friends on Twitter, or seeing Facebook advertisements. You need to know where your traffic originates. If people are mostly clicking on your site from Facebook, then your Google ranking does not matter as much, and you need to adapt your marketing focus to your social media because that is where your company is actually getting leads. If website searches are bringing people to your website, then you need to focus on increasing your search engine optimization ranking. This analysis will help you focus and get the highest returns on your marketing efforts.
  3. Establish brand visibility. Just because your website is ranked first or you have created a Facebook page, does not mean you are getting your message to leads. However, if you have a brand that rings a bell when they see it at the top of their search results, then they are more likely to choose and click on your website. The same if they have seen their friends posting interesting content from your Facebook page. People are drawn to brands that are familiar. You can improve your visibility with a blog, by posting regularly on your social media pages, and sending out engaging emails.
  4. Create an online sales funnel. Once you begin to have interested leads, you need a way to reel them in for the sale. If someone visits your website because of your site’s high ranking, then that is only the first step in the process. There must be a plan to engage that website visitor as a lead and turn them into a satisfied customer. An online sales funnel is a plan on how you are going to respond to leads and leverage your online marketing to create customers. Without an online sales funnel, your online marketing efforts will not result in sales for your company. You need to engage leads through dynamic landing pages and easy to find contact methods, so that these leads are calling and emailing you for more information.

If you are ready to improve your lead generation, then contact us today. We help small and medium business develop inbound marketing strategies that create sales. We are ready to help you improve your marketing, from connecting to leads to engaging your audience to growing your customers.


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