Tipp City (April 12, 2009): Now that spring is here, it’s time for all property owners to be reminded to keep their lands free and clear of all grass and weed overgrowth.  Tipp City Code § 94.61 requires grass overgrowth and noxious weeds growing on lands within the limits of the city and within 200 feet of residential property or public right-of-way to be cut periodically.

Tipp City Ordinance § 94.60 requires at least one mowing each month from April to October.  In no case shall the grass or weeds be allowed to exceed a height of ten (10) inches.  Grass and weeds in uncultivated gardens, fallow fields or undeveloped building lots shall not be excepted.  Owners of properties adjoining an alley are also reminded to trim vegetation from the alleyway.  Lands in Tipp City that are not properly maintained and become a nuisance are subject to enforcement in accordance with Tipp City code.

Your regular maintenance is appreciated and will help reduce the number of complaints that the City receives.  Thank-you in advance for your cooperation in making our community a pleasant place for neighbors and visitors.