Guest Pastor at Good Shepherd Lutheran


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 1209 S Miami St (Rte 48) in West Milton has invited Pr. John Johansen, their Pastor Emeritus, to preach on Sunday, February 13. Pr. Johansen retired from full time ministry after ten years of service at Good Shepherd in October, 2000. He and his wife, Betty Lou, reside in West Milton.

Traditional worship at Good Shepherd is at 9:45 a.m. on Sundays and a Praise Service is held at 11:15 a.m.

Pr. Johansen’s message will be titled, “Our Great God Can Reconcile All Things.”

The message will consider the compatibility of religion and science. February 11-13 will be “Evolution Weekend” in many communities throughout the world. Pr. John has chosen to call it “Reconciliation Weekend.”

“Evolution Weekend” was originated by Dr. Michael Zimmerman, Professor of Biology at Butler University in Indianapolis. The world wide event is in the sixth year of progress in promoting dialog between religious leaders and science scholars. The goal of this effort is to decrease confrontational methods of debating the values of science and religion.

More than 950 scientists on six continents, representing 30 countries have signed on to this “Clergy Letter Project.” More than 11,000 religious leaders, including Christians, Jews, and Muslims have been involved in supporting the Clergy Letter Project.

The web address for more information about this effort is:



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