Hearing Loss and Other Health Issues


What? What? WHAT?

Why is it that so many people who lose their hearing, find it so difficult to seek out help for the problem? Not only is it frustrating for them, but it’s also annoying for their loved ones, co-workers and friends.

Most commonly, with age, Presbycusis is the reason for a loss in hearing. It comes on gradually and is the result of changes in the auditory nerve, and/or the inner, middle or outer ear. However, Presbycusis is not always the result of aging.

According to an article on the John Hopkins Medicine website, other contributing factors can include:

  • Loud noise
  • Heredity
  • Head injury
  • Infection
  • Illness
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • Circulation problems such as high blood pressure

Unfortunately, hearing loss is also associated with other health-related problems. For one thing, those who have a loss can become depressed and withdrawn. There can be further mental issues, as well. A loss in hearing can lead to a further decline in cognitive functioning and can be associated with dementia.

A hearing loss can also be associated with balance, or a loss thereof, which stems from the inner ear. This can lead to more cases in falling, and a risk of broken bones, among other injuries. This problem in equilibrium can also slow you down; people with a hearing loss may walk more slowly.

All of these issues, can, and most-likely will, result in a decline in quality of life. So, why not own up to the problem? Whether you are sensing a loss in hearing in one ear or both, it is time to visit with a hearing professional and have a free hearing test. The staff at Hearing Professionals is friendly and understanding. Let us help you.

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