How Recent Facebook Page Changes Could Impact Your Business


Facebook is a great way for your business to stay in engaged with your customers, along with updating them on all the services you have to offer. Customers can get in touch with your business via Facebook and take advantage of commenting, sharing, or even messaging your page. However, recent Facebook page changes can make or break the face of a business. If your business relies heavily on this valuable social media marketing tool, read ahead to see how these updates will affect your news feed.


The platform of Facebook advertising is constantly changing and it’s not done yet. Updates to advertising include carousel-style ads and mobile ad management. The carousel ads are something to keep in mind as they circle Facebook pages in a way that equally spreads out the available ads in the cycle. This is great for those businesses who buy repeated ads, but it may push out the ones who aren’t doing so.


Facebook used to organize your news feed to show the most recent posts; the top posts being the newest and chronologically getting older as you continue to scroll. Now, most feeds are set to see the most relevant content first. This means business have to keep up with staying relevant and may even need to resort to paid advertising – more profit for Facebook. It’s safe to say that this organic visibility won’t get any better in the upcoming updates.

Customer Service

Facebook Messenger is perfect for quick and easy messaging between friends or a business and their customer. It’s convenient and can increase customer satisfaction. Facebook is intending to add more functionality features in order to make this integrated app a customer service feature. This is a plus for businesses as they can reach their customers quicker and have an open channel for feedback.


Video content is most popular on Facebook and it’s pushing for more. Auto-playing videos on the feed and the new rolling screen makes videos more attractive. Facebook has also created a live streaming video function for users to take advantage of. What does this mean for you business? It’s time to start prioritizing videos the way Facebook does. It’s possible that Facebook will give precedence to such posts, which might be able to combat the order of a new feed.

Facebook will always be updating. For a business to stay on top, it’s important to keep up with the changes. For more information on small business trends, contact us today.


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