Article Written by Clint Haggart

Weekly Record Herald

The City of Union will be expanding their Facility Planning Area (FPA) north into West Milton’s FPA, and not for the first time. The current FPA expansion is a continuance of a previous one.
Any property owners within Union’s expanded FPA can choose to connect to the city’s system, therefore annexing themselves to Union City, noted West Milton manager Tony Howard. Union’s facilities run up to the south side of Baker Road and the proposed expansion extends west along the south side of Baker to Mote Road. According to the City of Union’s 2010 FPA update, the City of Oakwood publishes a sewer rate comparison of Dayton area communities. At a typical consumption rate of 3,000 cubic feet a quarter, Union residents pay $77.45 and West Milton residents pay $164.03 for sewer services. For water and sewer services in a quarter Union residents pay $129.20 and West Milton residents pay $281.57. West Milton receives it’s water from Troy. Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission, who has oversight responsibilities for the FPAs, is just waiting for both parties (being City of Union and Municipality of West Milton) are aware of Union’s proposed FPA expansion. Howard informed council at the Jan. 25, 2011 West Milton Council Work Session of the City of Union’s FPA expansion plans. He received a consensus that council does not take issue with the expansion and will inform Union’s manager.

Mayor Pat Grim recommended that council discuss re-appointing a committee member who’s appointment was not renewed due to a public outburst in a council meeting. The mayor noted that the council meeting’s have entertained several outbursts from residents and council members, and singled out Manager Tony Howard for one of his own. Howard responded he was attacked personally at a council meeting about a non-council issue and was compelled to defend himself. When Jason Tinnerman, who was appointed to council in October 2010, asked about the appointment (or the removal or re-appointment) process, Howard explained the decision to appoint or remove a committee member rests entirely with council members.

Dam signs
Residents opposed to the removal of the West Milton low-head dam on the Stillwater River attended council’s work session to renew complaints. Mayor Pat Grim asked if council could have the Save The Dam sings removed from peoples lawns because it includes the town’s phone number. The manager said there was nothing council could legally do to remove the signs. Grim said she wondered how long it would be before signs with council member’s phone numbers were put on the signs.