For more than three decades, he’s haunted millions of moviegoers, most notably as ‘Jason Voorhees’ in four of the ‘Friday the 13th’ films. Now a softer side of the famed actor/stuntman Kane Hodder is being revealed in the book ‘Unmasked’, in which author Michael Aloisi pulls of the hockey mask and delves deeply into the word’s most prolific cinematic killer.

Their national book tour stops in Dayton on Tuesday, Oct. 25 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Bonnett’s Bookstore; 502 E. Fifth St. for a book signing. Fans will have the opportunity to meet Hodder and Aloisi. ‘Unmasked,’ as well as ‘The Killer & I,’ a journal about the making of ‘Unmasked’ will be available.

Though a massive individual with ‘Kill’ tattooed on his bottom lip, Hodder is far from the villainous person he typically portrays. Aloisi admits to being a little intimated by his presence initially but soon learned of his gentle nature. “Kane is a really nice guy, readers will see a different side and grow to feel for him,” said Aloisi.

‘Unmasked’ documents the heart wrenching story of when Hodder was severely burned during a stunt accident which almost turned deadly early in his career. He fought back from the physical and mental damages caused by the accident to have made over 200 movie and television appearances.

The opportunity to form such a partnership with Hodder is like a dream come true for Aloisi, an avid fan of horror movies. While on a break from working at his self started publishing company, Aloisi wastched one of Hodder’s films and began to wonder if the legendary actor had a biography. “I learned he’d been contacted by a lot of publishing companies, but was afraid that he’d be censored and not allowed to tell the stories in his words,” said Aloisi, who Hodder trusted to accurately share his life story.

In addition to the books, the pair is also developing two reality shows. One is a web series for which follows Hodder and Aliosi on the book tour, including riding a segway through Salem, Mass and attending horror conventions. The second series will follow them on investigations of some places reported to be haunted.

To meet an iconic actor, visit Bonnet’s Book Store on Oct. 25 in downtown Dayton from 6 to 8 p.m.