US Representative and Minority Leader John Boehner (R) visited Hinder’s, Tipp City’s favorite sports bar and “wing joint” on Saturday afternoon to meet with constituents and provide them with an update as to what is happening in Washington, DC on various topics. About 50 local residents and GOP party members were there to welcome Rep. Boehner.

After greeting the crowd, Rep. Boehner came out swinging at Candy Crowley, CNN correspondent who on Friday took issue in John’s his use of the term “government run insurance”. Rep. Boehner replied, “When you have an employer mandate and an individual mandate and all these Medicare cuts, every health insurance policy if this would pass in 5 years would be designed by the new health choices Czar, whether you are an individual or work for a company,the government is going to decide what your policy is going to look like and how much you are going to pay for it”.

Rep. John Boehner continued in addressing several other topics including Tea Party Activists, Pork-Barrel Politics, President Obama, Type 1 Juvenile Diabetes, Outrageous Spending, the Republican Healthcare Approach, John’s Earmark Moratorium, and even Bill Clinton.

“Bill Clinton didn’t sell his soul to the Left to become President, after we won the Majority in 1994, and we had the government shutdown in 1995, we (the Republicans) kinda rehabilitated Bill Clinton and we found a way to work with him and… he can be for anything.” He was a true politician” stated Boehner.

After Rep. Boehner’s 30 minute chat he took some time for photos, handshakes and relaxed discussions about healthcare, and public policy.