JTI is Looking for Mementos as They Celebrates 30 Years


JTI (Junior Teen Institute)

Celebrates 30 Years!

Looking for Mementos


JTI (Junior Teen Institute), the weekend camp for Milton-Union 6th grade students is celebrating 30 years this May. Presented by the Milton-Union Council of Churches, JTI’s purpose is to increase personal growth for students through self-awareness workshops, presentations, discussion, and interaction.  It is a scheduled, planned weekend of activities, many of which have a self-esteem and anti-drug/anti-alcohol theme.

To celebrate 30 years, the organization is asking for the public’s help. If you have any pictures, news articles, other mementos, or any of the camp’s annual t-shirts (1999 “Witness”; 1995 or older) that you would be willing to donate, they want to hear from you! If you have anything that might be of interest to the group, please e-mail them at JTImucc@gmail.com. If you would like to donate to the organization, checks can be made out to JTI, and sent to JTI c/o Milton-Union Council of Churches, 129 Spring St., West Milton, OH 45383.



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