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Katelyn Black pledges not to take City money

Fan of small government and one that does not interfere in the lives of local businesses and residents? If so, you may like what Katelyn Black has to say. During her speech yesterday in front of the city government building, Katelyn outlined three areas of concern she has with how the current administration chooses to run our City.
Black stated that “the City (says it) has cut all that it possibly can. I would have to disagree.” Further, “City Council members receive health and dental insurance which costs the city approximately $71,000 dollars a year. This money can be used to fund leaf pick-up or fix a mile of road in the City.”
This candidate for City Council is also concerned with the City’s lack of responsiveness. “A while back, Council discussed spending $20,000 on an outside PR firm to come in and conduct a survey on how to communicate better with local residents.” She continues, “my answer is simple and doesn’t cost taxpayers a cent — just ask the residents what they think…and start listening.”

In Katelyn’s Press Release entitled  Candidate Challenges Council To Abandon Insurance, Katelyn Black challenges all candidates and councilmembers to join her in abandoning the health insurance provided to them by the City that costs tax payers $71,000 a year.

“I hereby promise the citizens of Tipp City that one of my first acts, upon being elected to council, will be to refuse the health insurance, which will result in an immediate savings of approximately $11,000 per year to our over-taxed citizens.” stated Black.

Click here to read the candidate’s full Press Release.

As November 3rd approaches, you will continue to see top notch coverage of local candidates and their platforms here in the DAILY both from the editorial staff and their own pen! We report, You decide. (heh)


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