Keep Your Dogs Cool!


The weather’s warming up, and soon enough it will be downright hot. In order to keep your dog safe, here are some safety guidelines.  Never leave your dog in the car unattended! Even if it does not seem that hot outside, the temperature inside the car can rise to dangerous levels within minutes. If you absolutely must bring your dog with you on errands, make sure you bring another person who can stay in the running, air-conditioned car with your dog. Above all, exercise common sense and caution to help keep your dog safe.  Call Tipp City Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center at (937) 667-8489 for more information or visit us at  Enjoy the weather!

Jennifer Custer

Public Relations
Tipp City Veterinary Hospital and Wellness Center
Phone: 937.667.8489
Fax: 937.669.4443


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