Kline Discusses New Complaint Procedures at Council Workshop


Record Herald Editor

Courtesy of the Weekly Record Herald; Printed 3/30/12

WEST MILTON – Be prepared, village ordinance violators. There is now an official complaint procedure for nuisance, junk vehicles, and zoning code (aka boat parking and mowing) violations.

Municipal Manager Matt Kline noted at Tuesday’s council workshop that in the past, municipal managers have talked to residents, sent out letters, sent Supervisor of Streets and Grounds Ben Herron out to fix it – but not in any particular order or set rule.

“There’s been no consistency,” he said.

Starting in the beginning of April, residents will have consistency.

Once a complaint is received or a violation is noted, Kline, Herron, or Chief of Police Garry Kimpel will go out and review the condition of the property.

Then a red door hanger will be attached, listing the pertinent ordinances and giving the resident five days to respond. A letter will be mailed as well to ensure the resident gets the information.

The resident does not necessarily have to fix the problem within the five days, just to let the city know what they’re going to do about the violation. Depending on the ordinance, village code gives anywhere from five to 30 days to rectify the situation.

“We hope those (door hangers) will take care of 80 percent of the problems,” Kline said.

If there is no response or no compliance from the resident, then an official letter will be drafted with the help of the law director. It will then be sent certified mail or delivered by a police officer. Copies of official letters will be included in council’s Friday packets.

Council members will also be regularly updated in meetings as to the properties in violation, the owners’ names and the calendar timeline.

Kline noted that if there is no action by the homeowner or if the action taken is unsatisfactory, all documentation goes to the law director for prosecution.




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