By Stephanie Gustafson, staff writer

TIPP CITY, Ohio, July 1, 2015 (TREBIUS PROMOTIONS) —Kris Allen is best known as the season eight American Idol champion and the smooth singer behind the 2009 hit Live Like We’re Dying. Since his time on Idol, Allen has expanded his musical repertoire, drawing influence from his recent forays into the world of fatherhood. Horizons, his most recent album, explores this new adventure, as well as the fallout from a terrifying car accident that took place on New Year’s in 2013. Both experiences have affected not only the subject matter of the new album, but also the experience of recording, with fatherhood proving surprisingly beneficial throughout the entirety of the process. As Allen explained in a recent interview, “You’re not thinking about yourself anymore, you’re thinking about someone else. It’s kind of a good place to be in, you get out of your head a little bit.”


The more he learns about being a father, the more Allen realizes what a good example he had growing up. The singer is greatly appreciative of both of his parents, who paved the road towards his current musical career without ever pressuring him. They quickly recognized his natural talent and love of music, and, in response, gave him the training and equipment he needed to grow as a musician. In addition to buying amps, guitars and sheet music, the singer says that his parents “put me in a music school when I was a kid — I was playing a viola when I was eight years old.” Today, they continue to provide their full support; Allen’s dad is always the loudest guy at any show he attends.


A new album is currently in the works for the American Idol alum, and, as with Horizons, it is bound to be influenced by his son. Also playing a role, however, will be the inherent inspiration of Nashville, where the musician decided to move in order to spend more time with his family. Allen absolutely adores Nashville thus far and can’t wait to further explore the city and its inspiring music scene. “There’s great artists and writers and people in the music industry here that we’ve loved to get to know so far, and we’ve only scratched the surface.” The only real downside of living in Nashville is that Allen and his wife no longer have easy access to free babysitting. But that’s a sacrifice the new parents are more than willing to make.


Between touring, preparing for a new album, and, of course, being an amazing husband and dad, Kris Allen is one busy guy. He is very excited, however, to be heading up to Tipp City for the upcoming Miyelo Music Festival, which will feature his good friend Donnie Reis. The two have enjoyed touring together in the past, so, when asked to get involved with the Miyelo Music Festival, Allen jumped at the opportunity. Saying yes to this event became even easier after Allen learned that its proceeds are directed at multiple charities, including Pink Ribbon Girls. Allen has been heavily involved in philanthropy since winning American Idol, and he’s always eager to take part in a project that is “going for the right cause.”


Besides the opportunity to raise money for charity and hang out with his pal Donnie Reis, Allen is looking forward to once again experiencing the laid-back music festival vibe. He loves that there is “a more relaxed atmosphere” at events such as the Miyelo Music Festival, acknowledging that, if he happened to be one of the attendees, he would definitely be “sitting around because there’s going to be lots of music throughout the day.”


Playing into the laid-back style of Miyelo will be the unique small town appeal of performing in front of an enthusiastic crowd in Tipp City. Allen loves performing at a wide array of venues in a variety of locations, as each experience brings forth a different type of energy. He will be perfectly at home in the welcoming environment of Tipp City.


Festival tickets are available at Sweet by Kristy, Food Town, and Bash Foo as well as online at General Admission tickets are $30 for 11 hours of entertainment, and will be $40 at the gate the day of the festival. Gates open at 11:30am, first performances at 1:00PM.