Letter to the Editor: Concerning Ohio Republicans




John Boehner, though nominally a Republican, has repeatedly demonstrated as Speaker of the House that he is no different from a Democrat.  Although spending bills originate in the House of Representatives, Boehner has permitted and even encouraged the funding of Obamacare and the raising of the debt ceiling, relying on Democrats to help him carry out the latter.  Unfortunately, House Republicans do not appear set to replace him as Speaker of the House.

As a result, the task falls to you, Ohio Republicans of the Eighth Congressional District, to remove Boehner from his position during the Republican primary on May 6.  The best candidate to defeat Boehner is J.D. Winteregg of Troy.  Winteregg, who has spent almost all of his life in Ohio, has decided to run in this race specifically because of his concern over Boehner’s actions.  Winteregg, who is a Christian, a conservative, and a Tea Party supporter, strives to make representatives more accountable to their constituents while supporting tax cuts, less government intervention in the private sector, and stricter protection of our borders, among other constitutional ideals.  Eric Gurr and Matthew Ashworth are also running, but Gurr has supported deficit spending and identified himself as a Reform Party supporter in the past, and Ashworth seems unlikely to garner the necessary support to defeat Boehner.  Remember, Boehner can only be defeated if the opposition votes are concentrated on one candidate, so vote Winteregg and fire Boehner on May 6!
Matthew Zisi


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