Letter to the Editor:

26 January 2011

Dear Readers:

West Milton city council and city manager (Tony Howard) have agreed to tear down our West Milton Dam and applied for a 1.3 million dollar loan to remove the dam!

WHAT WILL HAPPEN if the dam is removed, the river shrinks and it will reduce fish populations, eliminate spawning waters, reduce property values, degrade residents Water Wells, invite invasive species, create mudflats and release sediments. Parties involved have disregarded the substantial negative irreversible impacts on a unique aquatic asset.

A company offered $25,000 to buy the dam and utilize it for hydro power. Incentives include money to the city for the purchase of the dam, taxes the city will receive from this hydropower business, access for school buses for field trips to teach the children about green energy, a recreational area for fishing, etc. The dam has been with us for over 100 years and our country and state are deeply in debt.

We need all citizens of West Milton to come together and save this marvelous dam which feeds our ospreys, eagles, beavers, and all life in and out of the Stillwater River. Maybe we have taken our dam for granted and forgotten what nature has given us; but let us not allow the village government to take it away from us!

(1) Attend village council meetings and let your voices be heard (second Tues of every month at 7:30 pm at Municipal Building).

(2) Governor Kasich has set up a web site: www.fixohionow.com. Tell him to save Ohio money, Stop Government Waste and Save the West Milton Dam.

For updated information about the dam email: saveourdam@gmail.com


Don Haller

3520 Iddings Road

West Milton, OH 45383