The city of West Milton Ohio is removing a hydro power site. The cost will be 1.3 million dollars. This site can be repaired for approx. $275,000. Why can’t the new governor stop this removal and work toward the green energy bill signed by President Obama. This dam could provide electricity to the city buildings, traffic lights, street lights and to our school. West Milton could utilize this hydro power site for its reliable, clean energy and save Ohio over a million dollars.

Residents do not want this hydro power site removed. West Milton Officials, EPA, ODNR and other government agencies are backing this removal. Governor Strickland has supported the removal of the low head dams in Ohio. Canada utilizes their low head dams and has the lowest electric bills in North America.

West Milton needs to come up with another $43,000. for river bank stabilizers, re-vegetation and stream restoration. If the dam is removed there will be approx. 4 miles of exposed river bank. This is over and beyond the original loan amount of over 1.3 million dollars. Will our elected officials and city manager try and get a loan or will this be another financial obligation they put to the landowners? Tony Howard (city manager of West Milton) has clearly said that any issues with wells running dry etc. will be to the expense of homeowner. We have a face book page” Save the West Milton Dam”.

Tammy Crabtree
Representing the Stakeholders of the West Milton Dam