Brianna Merritt

Seven year old Brianna Merritt’s Littlest Pet Shop (LPS) collection grew from an act of kindness shown to her when she was three years old.

“My friend gave me one because she wanted to be a nice friend,” Brianna says, “She gave it to me because I didn’t have one. It was a cat.”

For those not familiar with the Hasbro toys, they started out as cute, little bobble-head animals included in sets. The brand has expanded to included plush animals, on-line, Wii and DS games.

After receiving that first LPS cat, Brianna was shopping with her mom, Dawn Merritt, and asked for more and a collector was born. She has received many animals and sets from her grandma, including Woodchuck the Beaver which came last Christmas.

“My dad (Bob Merritt) didn’t know it was a bobble head and he accidentally broke the head off, so mom super-glued it,” Brianna explains.

Her favorite LPS is Kippy the Kangaroo who has his own pair of tiny boxing gloves and comes in a gym set. Her first Littlest Pet Shop VIP (a plush animal that can be used to play an on-line game) is an iguana. Among the numerous dogs and cats in her collection, there are also monkeys, penguins, a walrus, an alligator, a gecko and many more. Brianna’s mom estimates the animals total about 150 to 200 and for the most part are kept in a big tote under Brianna’s bed.

“I’m actually an animal lover,” Brianna exclaims.

The Merritt household also includes brother, Brandon Gridley and a real live ferret named Erma. Their family has also had real dogs, cats, fish and gerbils in the past.

The Littlest Pet Shop collection will be on display through the month of April.

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