Local Police and Firemen Face-Off for FISH


By Molly Swigart

MUHS Yearbook Editor

Friday, March 19, the West Milton Firemen and the West Milton Police Force faced-off in a basketball game to benefit the FISH organization, the food bank that lends aid to families in the West Milton area. This was the first fundraiser of its kind. The MUHS gym, where the game was held, was maxed out to capacity as it seemed everyone turned out to see this epic battle of the town’s protective forces.

The evening began with an intense warm-up by both sides. After re-emerging from the locker room the Firemen sported some fantastic hair styles, afro wigs being very popular. The teams were announced by an excited Mr. Jim Sarver of Hale-Sarver Funeral Home, and the game was underway, officiated by Dr. Bill Ginn and Mr. Tom Koogler.

“There was so much testosterone in that room,” commented one spectator. “It was really a very enjoyable way to spend your evening.”

The fans were just as excited as the players were during the evening. At one point some loyal Firemen fans pulled out some rubber glazed doughnuts and tossed them onto the court in a taunting manner, this getting quite the uproar of laughter from the crowd.

Seemingly unphased by the doughnut taunting, the Police came out on top as the winners. However, all the spectators and players were winners on that night. A total of about $1,500 was made off of admissions, all of which has been donated to the FISH organization.

At the end of the night the VFW presented an additional $500 to the deserving cause. It is safe to say that the evening was a huge success, all in all raising about $2,000 for FISH. Due to the success of the evening the community can look forward to seeing this fundraiser become an annual event.

Picture firemenpolice.jpg Caption: The Firemen take a shot while the Police play some serious defense. Each team played really hard for a deserving cause and contributed to a very successful night.

Photo by Jim Houser


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