Have you ever heard the saying “feel good movie”??  Well, this book, I would say, is a “feel good book”.  Contrary to the title, I did not read it in December.  I actually read it in January.  However, just getting through a rather stressful Christmas holiday with family, I found reading this story to be heart-warming.

In Lost December you will find many references to the story of the Prodigal Son from The Bible, including the passage from Luke quoted at the beginning of the book.  The story of Crisp’s Copy Centers and the father-son relationship is the heart of this story.

Luke Crisp is set to inherit the family business, Crisp’s Copy Centers, from his father.  He has worked as a manager of the copy centers since he was able.  Finishing college, he is ready to take over when his father tells him he should get his MBA and not have any regrets.  Not really wanting to get his MBA, he does as his father asks and heads off to The Wharton School of Business.  Throughout Luke’s time at Wharton, the father-son relationship is strained.  Additionally, during this time, Crisp Copy Centers is taken public and “family” business changes.

After receiving his MBA, Luke is talked into a trip with his friends instead of returning to take over the family business.  His father is devastated but seems to accept this.  Luke and his friends travel the world spending lavishly and using all of Luke’s trust fund.  Luke finds himself in Vegas without the funds needed to cover expenses.  His girlfriend leaves him and his becomes homeless.  When he reaches out to his father through his financial manager, Luke learns that his father has no interest in helping him and has describe Luke as being “dead to me”.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse for Luke, a mugging occurs taking what very little he had left…but then things turn around…a “good Samaritan” finds him.  The story of Luke’s return from failure is wonderful.  I don’t want to spoil the ending but you only need to know the story of The Prodigal Son to understand what happens.