LEARNING IN SMALL GROUPS at Main Street Preschool provides opportunities for expression through dance, drawing, sculpture, painting, building, drama, etc.  Math, science and social studies are also rooted within the small group experiences at Main Street Preschool.   Teacher Assistants in each of our classrooms allows for small group activity within the classroom settings each day.   Children choose which small groups they wish to participate in based on their interests.  Teachers encourage children to try other activities also, allowing them to explore new challenges.

Main Street Preschool Registration for 2011-2012 will begin Monday January 10 at 9:15 for current preschool families, alumni families and church families.  Class sizes are limited so register early to assure enrollment.  A registration fee is requested to hold a space in a class.   Public Registration begins January 18.

Morning classes are from 9:10 to 11:40 and include 2-yr-olds on Mondays, 3-yr-olds on Tuesday & Thursday, 4&5-yr olds on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, and Pre-Kindergarten on Tuesday through Friday.   An afternoon multi-age class for 3-5 yr olds is from 12:30 to 3:00 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Classes follow Tipp City’s school schedule.

For more information, call Suzanne Collins at 669-4707, email mainstreetpreschool@tippcityumc.org or visit www.mainstreetpreschool.com.