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Making Lead Generation Work for You!

Making Lead Generation Work for You!

Lead generation sounds like one of those things that the EPA will have you in court for, that is until you pronounce it correctly (leed generashun). Then you start to understand that it has nothing to do with air or water quality and almost everything to do with marketing your brand or business. (Was that even necessary? Probably not at all.)

With that being said (possibly unnecessarily), lead generation is something that your business must utilize to grow and thrive, and that IS necessary!

What this all means is that inbound marketing is more important today than ever! When the holy trinity of marketing strategies (social media, search engine optimization and blogging) merge, the results will flood your pipeline with inbound leads! From there, the key is to maintain and then sustain. You’re welcome.

More about the Lead Generation Trinity

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are boosting fast-growing businesses at an amazing rate! With each platform, it is vital to understand not only the general culture (Facebook = casual, while LinkedIn = professional), but also your particular audience. Hint: most of us are visually stimulated.

So, how does anyone find anything these days? Usually Google. How does the NSA find you? Also Google. Just kidding! Hopefully. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is how your potential customers find you on the web! Google is a search engine, right? It is, but it is not the only one… yet. This magical beast uses keywords from your incoherently incomplete sentence structure to find websites that may interest you. These keywords can be in any form from page titles to header tags. Here’s a fun tip: Never “google” the NSA. Just don’t! Blogging A.K.A. Content Marketing has quickly become one the best ways to kick-start or boost lead generation and search engine visibility. When done consistently, this also increases your content footprint. In fact, blogging and search engine visibility are practically cousins! The more blog entries generated, the easier it will be for Google (and clients) to find you!

Overall, marketing is key to building your business. Once you know your audience, practice persistence and understand the three major strategies discussed here, you will be ready to contact us so that we can handle all the headaches and you can eat all the tacos you want! Or don’t. Whatever, your loss!


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