Troy, Ohio – October 3, 2019 Mark E. Williams, a local businessman and former U.S. Air Force Captain, filed today to run for Miami County Commissioner in the 2020 election. Williams believes he is uniquely qualified due to his life experience in business, disaster relief, and as a Miami County foster family.

After serving as a Logistics Readiness Officer in the USAF, Williams moved to Miami County to help run the family business. He and his wife, Jessica, returned to Jessica’s hometown of Troy in 2008 to ensure their children would know their great-grandmother, the late Ruby Kuckherman. Ruby’s business, Ruby’s Beauty Salon, is the oldest salon in Troy.

Williams describes himself as pro-life, pro-family, pro-Second amendment and pro-local control. He points to his positions on ANSI and ASTM committees as proof of his commitment to precise and intelligent management decisions. He is convinced that precedence matters on all boards, and business must be conducted with openness and fairness for all parties.

As a County Commissioner, Williams says he is committed to maintaining transparency and fiscal responsibility. In light of the Memorial Day tornadoes, he will work to ensure that the county is better prepared to handle emergency situations and disaster recovery. He will help Children’s services in operating under their new structure by making sure the new oversite inhibits the potential for corruption while providing the resources needed to support the important work being done.

More than anything, Williams expressed his desire for Miami County to be a place that his children and grandchildren will be proud to call home. Roads, bridges, water supply and emergency services are all vital functions that Williams says the county citizens expect to be maintained in a safe and responsible manner. In Williams opinion the Board of Commissioners is responsible to serve the citizens of Miami County and make sure that their hard-earned tax dollars aren’t wasted. He says he sees serving in this position as giving back to Miami County. The primary election for the seat will be held on March 17th, 2020.