As pretty as it looks outside, when you have kids stuck inside all day, it can get a bit nerve-wracking at times. Or when you have three boys, as I do, it can get downright chaotic. You can only watch so much TV. You can only play so much Xbox. You can only play so many card games, bake so many goodies or fold so much laundry. And you can only punch your big brother SO many times before he punches you back. Harder. And Mom yells at you both to stop. Now.

So, I would like to know, how are you beating all this family togetherness being forced upon us by Mother Nature? How are you trying to make this time memorable, if not a little less strained? I want to hear it all, even if you think it is boring or not worth mentioning. You never know, something you consider to be mundane may just be the solution a stressed-out mom (or dad/grandparent/babysitter) may be looking for to attain that oh-so-precious 15 minutes of peace.

My hope is to hear from the young to the old. From current West Milton residents to past ones. Use the Leave A Reply feature at the bottom of this article to post your ideas, solutions and suggestions. If you would be so kind, please add you first name and current location to your comment. It will be interesting for me to know where you are when you read this.

Parents, enjoy this time with your kids. You never realize how fast they grow up until they are, indeed, all grown up. Ten years from now we will not remember the bickering and name calling from the 2011 Ice Storms. We will remember that cup of cocoa we shared snuggled up by the fire. Or the ice-skating rink God dropped right on our front walk just for the kids, both big and small. And that final moment of the day, when we tucked the blanket just a little tighter under our little one’s chin and wished them the sweetest of dreams.

Kids (yes, teens, you are still our ‘kids’) enjoy this time with your parents. You will never realize just how much they love and cherish you and these times together until this storm becomes a long-ago memory. If you take a moment or two to help out with the chores, the first time you are asked, that will make for a much happier parent. Which in turn makes for a much happier you. Ask them to take a minute and share with you where they were during the blizzard of 1978. Or the ice storm seven years ago. You can then compare stories with your classmates once you finally return to school. And before you know it, it will your turn to be the story teller. One day you will be able to sit down, with you own child curled up by your side, and begin to share with them your memories of these days. It will be your turn to say “When I was your age….”

Photo courtesy of Meghan Detro, Bradford