Miami Co. Juvenile Court Press Release


News Release

The preparation and distribution of this news release is to inform the general public of Miami County Juvenile’s Court use of FFP funding pursuant to an agreement executed between Miami County Juvenile Court, Miami County Commissioners and Ohio Department of Job and Family Services with cooperation from Miami County Job and Family Services on May 31, 2011. The
preparation and distribution of this news release is required pursuant to the agreement if the revenue threshold has exceeded $4999.99 in calendar year 2011. FFP funds are used to improve children and youth services in Miami County, with special emphasis given to specialized placements for high risk youth and reducing the number of placements in state funded Correctional Institutions. Funds were also used for contract services in claims administration. Beginning balance of the fund was $0 when the process began and the ending balance on 12-31-11 was $ 105,811.09. Total FFP funding received was $120,079.32 and total FFP expenditures for 2011 were $14,268.23.



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