Milton-Union’s Young Speakers Impress


By Alex Yount


Is it the truth? Is it beneficial to all concerned? Does it build goodwill and better friendship? Is it fair? These are the four pillars of the RotaryFour-Way Test that students must build the foundation of their speeches upon for the annual Rotary Speech Contest.

This year’s contestants were well prepared and impressed the members of Rotary International. The five contestants were seniors Andrea Fetters, Cate Busse, Meghan Swartz, and Josh Stefanko along with one junior Noah Barth.  All five worked hard in the weeks leading up to the contest to formulate their speeches and to memorize and recite with passion and conviction. The members were in agreement that the speeches get better year after year.

The top three were awarded monetary prizes. Stefanko earned himself third place with his speech about the Freshmen Focus Program at Milton-Union High School and walked away with a $100 check. Swartz was rewarded second place with a $150 check for her speech concerning  the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC). Barth succeeded in clenching first for discussing the Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Seminar (HOBY) and received $250.

Barth will move on to the district competition atWittenbergUniversityon the fifteenth of April. Barth plans to use this money to attend Big Stuf, a camp that occurs in the summer for high school students to grow in their faith.


Contestants Meghan Swartz, Josh Stefanko, Andrea Fetters, Cate Busse, and Noah Barth were all congratulated by Dave Neitzke after their outstanding performances.



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