MUES Honor Roll – Quarter 2 (2013-2014)



Milton-Union Elementary


2nd  Quarter 2013-14


Milton-Union Elementary is pleased to announce the 4th grade Honor Roll for the second quarter:

At least one A or O in a subject area, the rest B’s.  No C including conduct: 

 Shelby Ashmore, Zach Avey, Ashtyn Barga, Paige Barnes, Evan Beard, Emma Beetley, Joel Benkert, Amelia Black, Emmie Bohse, Kyle Bostick, Caleb Bradley, Dominic Bradley, Jeremy Brumbaugh, Ally Burns, Taylor Carmack, Andrew Collins, Ray Copeland, Krystal Courtney, Angel Cressell, Emma DeBrosse, Hannah DeLuca, Taylor Falb, Aden Francis, Cameron Furay, Janene Garber, Michaela Gibson, Katherine Granato, Zachary Greenway, Brynn Griffieth, Dalton Halcomb, Dillon Halcomb, Maria Halstead, Sammy Hammond, Antonia Hinkle, Kayde Hodgin, Chloe Howell, Gabby Huffman, Austin Isbel, Donald Jurich, Cierra Kinnison, Jacob Lauber, Emma Lawson, Tyler Leffew, Alex Lewis, Max Lewis, Alexis Love, Paul Lucente, Lilian Macke, Connor McKinzie, Sophie Meredith, Megan Milnickel, Caden Moran, Nick Parker, Matthew Pickrell, Patton Pierce, Trinity Pierce, Jordan Prichard, Zoie Rench, Regan Robinson, Alyssa Smith, Sydney Smith, Madison Stasiak, Madi Steel, Bethany Storch, Nathan Thompson, Carter Tinnerman, Lindsay Todd, Eric Trittschuh, Shane Ullery, Nick Walters, Darby Welbaum, Madeline Winemiller, Xiera Younce.





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