MUPL Aswers to the LOL Trivia Questions



Week 1: The library was at different locations before finding its permanent one here. Name the different locations and the years that the library was there. 1. 1937-1941—South-East corner of Miami and Front Streets. Second floor of the old Municipal building. 2. 1941-1965—Store front located on the West side of Miami St. located between Front and Hamilton Streets. 3. 1965-1975—30 N. Main St., where the Post Office is located now. 4. 1975-1979—Single family residence at 118 Phillip Drive. 5. 1979-Present—560 S. Main St.

Week 2: Name the seven MUPL Librarians from 1937 to 2012. 1. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Cornell 2. Mrs. Charles Baker 3. Edith Zink 4. Mrs. Martha Coulton 5. Mrs. Karen Albury 6. Ms. Francesca Hary 7. Mrs. Carol Netzley Coate

Week 3: What year did the Milton-Union High School Basketball team win the first “true” State Championships? In 1910

Week 4: Match the following West Milton residents with their famous accomplishments. 1. Airplane development—Charles Furnas 2. Football—Carl Brumbaugh & Chuck Green 3. Automobile—Howard Coffin 4. Inventor—William and Mary Grilliot 5. Long distance runner—Bob Schul and Ron Peele 7. Author—Sarah Furnas Wells 8. Hall of Fame Collegiate football coach—Mike Kelly 9. Ohio State Superintendent of Education—Clyde Hissong 10. Famous “New Orleans” artist—Alberta Kinsey 11. Manufacturer—Wesley J. Mast

Week 5: How many 1957 West Milton businesses are still operating today? Name them if you can. There are five and they are: Coate Burial Vault, Hale-Sarver Funeral Home, Patterson’s Flowers, Wilson Community Oil Company, and Wertz Variety Store.

Week 6: Evidence of how many Native American villages has been located in and around the West Milton area? What were the general locations of these villages? There were 4 villages, 2 near the middle of town, 1 just north of the 1914 village limits and 1 near Garland Rd.

Week 7: Who is the most written about historical figure in public library collections? Jesus

Week 8: Why was it requested that we take the clown pictures off the wall in the Children’s section and out of the library altogether? The clowns had hand-rolled cigarettes in their hands, they were smoking.

Week 9: How many young people helped to make the “Children’s Quilt” hanging in the Children’s section of the library? 18

Week 10: Carol Netzley Coate, Sharon Callicoat, and Jenny Hines have collectively been with the library for 70 years. Each one has served at least 17 years, and none more than 33 years. Mrs. Coate has worked longer than Mrs. Hines, but less than Mrs. Callicoat. Can you tell us how many years each person has served our library?

Sharon Callicoat—33 years,

Carol Netzley Coate—20 years,

Geneva “Jenny” Hines—17 years




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