Record Herald Writer

Courtesy of the Record Herald; Printed 4.12.13

TIPP CITY – There will be plenty to do in Tipp City parks this summer as well as several new developments in store for the future. The Tipp City Parks Advisory Board met April 8 to discuss upcoming events and several possible construction projects.

The board approved several grant applications for new projects in the city’s parks. They include an Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) grant for playground equipment, a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) application for a handicapped walkway in Kyle Park, and an ODNR recreational trails grant.

City Engineer Scott Vagedes asked the board to look at two play equipment options for City Park: a smaller unit that, after grant money is applied, will cost the city about $21,000 and a larger unit that will cost almost twice as much.

After considering the parks budget, which is $25,000 a year to be used for both Kyle and City Parks, the board decided to move forward with the application for the smaller playground unit. City council agreed on the smaller unit in February and sent the proposal to the parks board for their approval. The unit includes a slide and climbing apparatus.

The board also approved the application for another project, a CDBG that the city plans to use to construct a handicapped walkway in Kyle Park to service the western baseball and softball quads.

Tipp City will be competing with other area communities for CDBG funding, but Vagedes believes a project extending handicapped services in Kyle Park has a good chance of getting funded.

The estimated cost of the project is $27,000 and if it is approved, it will be a spring 2014 construction project. CDBG funds have been used by Tipp City in the past on the Municipal Building to replace the wiring, roof repairs and bathroom renovations, and repaint the exterior. CDBGs also funded installation of a driveway, 10 handicapped parking spaces, and a paved walkway to the ADA compliant bathrooms in Kyle Park between the baseball quads in 2010. The proposed project will expand on that project by adding a paved walkway between the quads.

Another approved application will go to ODNR for a grant to build a walking trail through Lesher Woods.

The board also heard Sycamore Woods resident Greg Schultz’s request to add playground equipment or a basketball court to the open green space in his neighborhood. He collected more than 30 signatures from neighbors in support of his proposal.

Schultz explained that his children and many others in his neighborhood would benefit from having a place to play. The open field that is there now gets a little boring, he said.

Citing concerns about noise and limited space, the board recommended that Schultz gather more support from neighbors, come up with a cost estimate and layout, and come back to the board’s next meeting in May. Because funding for community parks is limited, the board also suggested that Schultz explore fundraising options.

Board Chairman Pat Hodges said that the board wasn’t saying “absolutely no,” but that they needed more time to consider the proposal.

The board also approved several community festivals, a bike tour, and the third annual dog frisbee tournament.

Both the Tipp City United Methodist Church and the Church of the Nazarene will be hosting community events in the parks this summer.

On June 15 in Tweed Woods Park and on August 3 in Kyle Park, the Church of the Nazarene will be throwing community parties that are open to all residents. Pastor Brian Reinicke said that if these events are successful, he would like for them to become annual events.

Tipp City United Methodist will be hosting their second annual community festival on August 18 in City Park. That morning, before the festival begins, they will hold services at the Roundhouse. This event is open to all Tipp City residents.

The third annual Buckeye Bash frisbee dog tournament will be held in Kyle Park again this summer. Hosted by the Southern Ohio Flying K9s, frisbee dogs and their owners will travel from all over the midwest to compete for two days in June. The event will be held at Kyle Park on June 8 and 9. More information about the tournament can be found at

The board also approved the use of Kyle Park as a pit stop for the Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, a week long cycling tour of West Central Ohio. Upwards of 2,500 cyclists could pass through Tipp City on their 50 mile a day bicycle journey which begins and ends in Urbana. A rest area will be set up in Kyle Park on June 16 for the cyclists. Those interested in joining the adventure can register at

In other business, the Veteran’s Park memorial statue will be ready for installation by the end of April. An unveiling ceremony is planned for May 26. And in City Park, new corn hole courts will soon be installed near the Roundhouse. Residents can bring their own bags or, if they rent out the Roundhouse, can use the bags provided. The courts were purchased as part of the parks budget.