New Officer Sworn In and Municipal Workers Receive Pay Increase



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WEST MILTON– Municipal workers received a pay increase and the police force got a new officer at Tuesday’s West Milton council meeting.

The council swore in Todd Daley as a new police officer. He is a native of West Milton. Daley graduated from Milton-Union High School and completed police officer training from Sinclair Community College. He is also continuing his education, pursuing his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. His family, wife Heather, and her family came out to support him, and watch him take the first step in his career.

Daley will not be able to enjoy the municipal pay increase, though, as it does not include police officers who have served less than six years. All other municpal employees receieved a 3.5 percent raise. This was approved to be retroactive to the first of the year. The last pay increase given was in 2009 for the 2010 fiscal year.

The police department will also be getting a new cruiser. Council approved the purchase of a 2011 Dodge Charger with police package.

“I want to thank the Chief and negotiating officer; he was able to negotiate us a good price,” Municipal Manager Matt Kline said.

Chief of Police Garry Kimpel and Kline also want to work on retention of the police force. They are not looking to train officers for three years, and have them move on. Sighting Daley as an example, Kline stated he would like him to stay with the West Milton department – maybe one day be promoted to sergeant or even chief.

The municipality is also seeing changes, both to their building and website. Three companies have been interviewed for designing a new website. Two of the three are based in West Milton, and two of the three have already submitted bids. A new city logo has been designed, and is planned to be on the website.

Kline discussed possibly painting the new logo on the council chamber wall, as well. The municipal building will be getting new carpet, according to a resolution approved by council. The building has not been renovated or updated in more than 20 years.

“It’s dull, boring, uninviting and needs to be re-invigorated, re-energized and focused on the future,” Kline said, “It needs to be professional, inviting, and a place to do business.”

The funds for this are not to exceed $5,000, and were included in the 2012 budget. Home Gallery Flooring LLC of West Milton is scheduled for the work and will install it on Feb. 25 and 26.

“Not too many people knew we had a carpet company in West Milton,” said Kline. “If we can do business in town, that’s what we are wanting to do.”

Another amendment approval was for the cost of publishing the city ordinance’s. A book of codified ordianances is a standard reference in municipal offices.

“The code organizes all pertinent ordinances and state laws in an easy to use format which allows us to administer those rules in which we all live under,” Kline said.

Although ordinances and state laws change on a periodical basis, West Milton’s book has not been published or updated in seven years. The original proposal called for $15,000 for the publishing cost, which Kline made based on the last publication of the ordinances, in 2005, which was just over $14,000. After discussing with Publishing House, Kline and the publishing staff are working on coming up with a better figure.

“I am guessing $25,000. I’m guessing,” Kline said.

The Council approved the cost amendment to the proposal.

“I’m all for it,” said council member Susan Willis.




  1. This sounds great for West Milton. Glad to hear we have a local coming back to help server and protect the community. I’m always in favor or levy’s to support our schools and service members. I just wish they could do something to upgrade the personality of the lady who you pay the water bill to. Every single time I have been in there, it is the same rude service. Only times I have gotten anything other than rude service, is when she was not there and someone else was helping me. Same with when you call in with questions and she is the one who answers. You would think being in a position that you have to deal with the public, you would be a little better with people, but I guess in this case, that is not true. Even with her 3.5% salary increase, that I am helping to fund, her attitude will probably stay the same. 


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