New School Building Construction "Moving Right Along"


Track Restroom looking west at future parking lot

For those of you who are wondering how the construction project is going for our new school in West Milton, here are a few current images of the site. According to Chris Johnson, Director of Business Operations of Milton-Union Schools, “It’s moving right along and we will be moving all 1600 kids and staff June of 2012 and open the doors for school in late August 2012”.

The next phase of construction will be awarded by the end of April and the early site work is currently wrapping up. The main building construction will begin in May. By November they will have about 60% of the 215,000 square feet under roof.

Energy Optimizers USA, located in Tipp City, is working with site architects, engineers and construction managers to enable the Milton-Union school district to include renewable energy, advanced lighting solutions and advanced energy management solutions in their new construction plans. The Milton-Union school district was able to take advantage of over $567,000 in Grants, Rebates, Energy Credits and Annual Energy savings to help fund their energy conservation efforts. Energy Optimizers USA is proud to help Mr. Johnson and the Milton-Union school district meet their energy savings objectives.

Energy Optimizers USA is a company that is dedicated to increasing the energy efficiency and sustainability of K-12 school districts while educating the students, staff and community so they can understand what they can do to make our environment a cleaner and safer place. They are passionate about assisting school districts to reduce their operational costs so they can use these funds to improve the educational process, such as maintaining or increasing the number of teachers, improving the educational materials or upgrading the facilities to provide a better learning environment. Energy Optimizers is located at 6 South Third Street, Tipp City, OH. For more information on them, visit


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