By Joyell Nevins, Tipp City Herald (excerpt)

The City of Tipp City is learning that mutual cooperation can be a key asset in getting things done, no matter what the size of the project.

Fresh from their collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce for the Executive Director position, they are now announcing the completion of the Northern Area Water Authority (NAWA) Treatment Plant, another joint effort. This time the City of Vandalia is the associate.

A large group of staff from both cities as well as residents were on hand over the weekend for the grand opening of the water plant. In the early 1990s, the Environmental Protection Agency declared that the water of Tipp City exceeded standards in iron and manganese. Up until that point, Tipp didn’t treat its water at all – just pumped and chlorinated it. Utility Director Mo Eichman claims that the excess is an issue of aesthetics rather than bodily harm, but the EPA guidelines still have to be followed.

Down the road, Vandalia was getting their water from the City of Dayton. However, when Dayton raised their prices, Vandalia looked for other options.

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UPDATE: Lots of great photos at the Vandalia City website of the dedication ceremony held last week.