by Greg Enslen, 07/04/2012,

Last week, my wife Samantha and I headed to Chicago for five days. Sam was attending the annual International Association of Business Communicators conference, and set up an exhibitor booth to advertise her business, Dragonfly Editorial. I tagged along for a few days of vacation, sight-seeing, and room service. And a chance to finally try some real, Chicago-style pizza.

A Hiccup in the Plans

Sam and I were preparing to head out of town after Saturday’s Antique and Artisan Show when one of our monkeys threw a wrench into our plans. Sam had brought the kids up to my booth at the show to say goodbye. On the way back home, Sam and Anna were playing that game where you hold on to a kid’s hands and swing them up in the air as you walk. They were swinging little Katie when their rhythm got out of sync; Anna pulled up on Katie’s arm when Samantha wasn’t lifting. Just like that, Katie’s elbow popped out of its socket.

This has happened to Katie before. The injury, “Nursemaid’s Elbow,” is a hyperextension of the elbow that pops it out of place. Katie immediately starting sobbing and holding her left arm against her body, sure indicators to Sam that something was wrong. She bundled Katie up and headed to the Emergency Room in Huber Heights, with her dad in tow…

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