Ohio Achievement Test – April 20-27


The Ohio Achievement Test is a wonderful opportunity for students in the elementary and middle schools to showcase their academic ability. Teachers and students have worked diligently throughout the year to teach and learn grade level curriculum; however, family support is a key ingredient for student success, not only during testing week, but all year long.
A great website for parents (http://portal.success-ode-state-oh-us-info) allows you to access practice tests and actual questions from prior years’ tests. Use these questions to review with your child. The more comfortable he/she is with the testing format and types of questions, the more comfortable your child will be when taking the tests.

Testing Schedule (Grades 3-8):

Tuesday, April 20: Reading- Grades 3-8

Wednesday, April 21: Math- Grades 6-8

Thursday, April 22: Math- Grades 3-5; Science- Grade 8

Tuesday, April 27th: Science- Grade 5


  • Attendance is very, very important
  • Make sure that appointments are not scheduled during testing week
  • Students need plenty of sleep and a good breakfast in order to do their best
  • Words of encourage are always very important



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