PECo Takes Pie in Face for United Way


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. PECo CEO Bill Rosenberg is a great sport. When asked what it would take to allow PECo employee and United Way Ambassador, Lisa Bratton, to throw a pie in his face at a recent company meeting, he said “$2,000.” PECo owner, Albert Naggar did better than that!
During the recent United Way campaign at PECo, 85% of employees pledged money to the 2012 drive. “If we would have had 100% participation, Bill would have taken a pie in the face,” Bratton said. Upon hearing of the PECo employees’ generosity, Mr. Naggar and his wife Nikki, (of New York City) wanted to do something special to show support to the community in which PECo employees work. “We were very proud of our employees and wanted to also contribute to the cause,” said Naggar. PECo matched the employee pledges dollar for dollar, bringing the total amount of the campaign to $13,195, five times the previous year’s contributions.
During the company-wide meeting on Tuesday, Mr. Naggar wrote a personal check to the Tipp City Area United Way for an additional $13,195, matching the employee and company pledge and shocking United Way Director, Deb Carr to the core. “In all my years with the United Way, I have never had anyone do this. I wish every company in the Tipp City area recognized the importance of our work like PECo has,” said Carr. “We have many local people needing a little assistance to get back up on their feet during difficult times, and the Naggars’ incredible generosity is a part of us being able to help.”
True to his word, Bill Rosenberg allowed Ms. Bratton to smash a banana cream pie in his face while 147 employees snapped pictures on their phones and cheered on the event. “It was for a good cause and I was happy to take one for the team,” Rosenberg laughed. “At least they picked out my favorite pie!”
PECo has been a staple of the Tipp City community for over 65 years and the Company is continuing to thrive and grow. “Under Mr. Naggar’s direction, PECo is more committed than ever in supporting the community,” said Lori Spencer, Director of Marketing. “Tuesday’s events confirmed what most of us already know; that PECo continues to be a great place to work.”


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