Pet Peeves of Facebook


While there’s many things I love about Facebook, making it a major distraction of mine. There’s also some parts which really annoy me, but like anything else with free public access, all types of people are welcome. Anyone can be on Facebook, there’s no age limit or proof of insurance required.

Facebook is a microcosm of life. You are surrounded by friends and family, some of whom you don’t even really like, but you pretend in order to keep peace. Ironically, it’s them who seem to have the most to say. At least on Facebook it’s easier to ignore them, assuming you know how to block people from appearing on your newsfeed.

I of course care deeply for all of my ‘Friends’ on Facebook, but am sometimes irked by some of their actions. While I appreciate a good laugh as much as anybody, I find little humor when dozens of the e-cards/photo’s with a ‘funny’ verse etc. are posted one after another by the same individual. On several occasions I’ve scrolled down, down, and down a little more to see nothing but those e-cards. A ‘friend’ once posted over 25 of them in an hour. I’ve seen stand-up comedians who don’t tell jokes at that fast of a rate. I don’t understand what possesses that type of behavior. Sharing one or maybe even two, if the second is a real knees slapper is reasonable, but before the tenth wouldn’t it begin to seem like overkill?

Another pet peeve of mine on Facebook is those who ‘Like’ their own posts. There are some who do it constantly, no matter the subject matter. Are they that proud of themselves over fixing taco’s for dinner? It’s alright to tap yourself on the back once in awhile, but don’t displace your shoulder by doing it so often. The level of self pride should be more contained over the ability to compose a status update detailing the menial tasks of life.

Not to sound like a grouch, but I’m also left shaking my head when people end their comments by typing out their name. Admittedly, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and am often easily confused, but have never had to think for a single second over who left a comment. It’s rather simple to make an identification due to the name being provided, along with a picture in most cases. I at least understand the reasoning, as its probably considered the same as signing your name to an e-mail or an old fashioned letter, but its not necessary.

Try as they might, the habits of no individual is going to keep me off of Facebook, and I have plenty of e-card to cheer me up for when I get to annoyed.


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