EDITORS NOTE: This statement was released to members of the press this morning at 10AM. It does correct our prior news announcement that police were not dispatched to the high school, but were seen driving through the school parking lot.

Tipp City, Ohio – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Tippecanoe High School principal, Chuck Wray, on the morning announcements, explained to students that if there was any inappropriate dancing during Saturday’s Homecoming dance, that students would be asked to leave.   Saturday evening, students began dancing inappropriately and about 9:00 p.m., Principal Chuck Wray took the microphone at the dance, with no music playing, so everyone in the gym could hear the announcement and he reiterated what was said on the morning announcements. Mr. Wray asked the students participating in the inappropriate dancing to please quit or they would be removed from the dance.  When a portion of the students continued, Mr. Wray privately asked each group to leave. There were approximately 40 students that were asked to leave. Someone on the dance floor yelled, “That’s it, we’re out of here.” A majority of the students left, but there were a good number of students that remained at the Homecoming dance and had a great time.

The police did drive through the school parking lot while students were hanging around, but the police were not dispatched.

Mr. Wray did a One Call Now to all High School parents and explained what happened at the dance and asked for parent support on the issue and that they volunteer to be chaperones at future school dances.

About Tipp City Schools

The Tipp City Exempted Village School District consists of five schools with an enrollment of 2700: one high school (9-12), one middle school (6-8), an intermediate school (4-5), and two elementary schools (K-3).Tipp City Exempted Village Schools district includes the City of Tipp City and most of Monroe Township.