The Tipp City Street Department will be finishing up the leaf pickup program soon. There are a few important guidelines to follow. Residents are asked to rake leaves into the street, 1 foot from the curb, so that stormwater will drain.

Please, NO limbs, sticks, bricks, rocks or yard debris should be placed with the leaves in the street. These items cause damage to the equipment, create downtime for repairs, and add delay to the leaf pickup schedule.

Some schedule changes have been made as follows:

  • Dec 3-Dec 7-Areas between 1-75 and S. Hyatt (south ofW. Main Street)
  • Dec 10-Dec 14-Areas West ofl-75 (north and south of Main Street)
  • Dec 17-Dec 21-Cleanup throughout the City as needed

Should you have any questions pertaining to the above-referenced schedule, please call the City Utility/Services office at 667-6305.