On behalf of Tipp City please accept our apologies for the delay in communication to you our customers. There have been some unforeseen delays getting this change-over approved and moving.

The City of Tipp City outsources the collection of residential refuse and recycling via a competitive bid process. The contract with Rumpke is set to expire on September 30th after five years of service. Republic Services was the lowest bidder and as such will be taking over the residential trash collection in Tipp City effective October 3, 2022.

During the last 2 weeks of September, Republic Services will be delivering a new trash cart and a new recycling cart to all residents. One cart for recycling and one cart for trash are included in all services at no additional fee. While Tipp City is not yet fully automated for trash and recycling, that is the path trash haulers are pursuing, thus the carts for both trash and recycling should be used. This will also eliminate the red, open-topped, recycle bins that allow debris to fly around on windy days and should help keep animals out of the recyclables.

Please note that Rumpke will be picking up all carts and bins on your trash day the week of September 26th. Once your trash and recycling have been emptied, please leave all Rumpke carts and bins at the street for them to pick up. Should you have a Rumpke cart or bin that got missed the last week of September please leave it at the curb as Rumpke will be doing periodic sweeps throughout the City during October to finalize the collection of their carts and bins.

Any change of service can be made effective 12/2/22 after the conversion process. Feel free to call our offices beginning 11/1/22 to request a change.


Tipp City’s Utility Billing Staff