Rush for the Gold: Mystery at the Olympics by John Feinstein


Those that know me know that I have a future Olympic swimmer in my family (well at least we hope).  Watching the Olympics was sure fun!  One day while searching through the free newspaper, BookPage, at the library, my daughter and I saw an advertisement for the book Rush for the Gold:  Mystery at the Olympics (a book in the Junior reading section).  We requested the book but, since she’s only 9, we quickly found that it was a bit over her reading level…no worries though, mom decided to read it J

With all the Olympic hype it was interesting to read about how the behind the scenes promotion world works (or could be working).  Stevie and Susan Carol have worked together reporting on sporting events for a while now.  In this story, though, Susan Carol isn’t a reporter but the newest athlete competing in swimming at the London Games.

Mr. Feinstein is known for his sports-themed novels and in this book the question is – how far are they willing to go to make sure the youngest Olympic sweetheart wins gold??  Stevie works to solve this mystery involving his friend/girlfriend/colleque/athlete, Susan Carol.



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