Born and raised in Dayton, Oh, Ryan Singer spent lots of time over the last few years developing his act on stages in comedy clubs both locally and across the country. Though familiar with the confines of Wiley’s, his July 7-9 appearance will be different from all the previous ones as for the first time Singer will be the featured headliner.

It’s the culmination of a dream that began for Singer when he saw his older relatives watching Johnny Carson, David Letterman and the stand-up comedians that were guests. “I was allowed to stay up late to watch and something registered in my brain that the way to really be liked by adults was to make them laugh. I wanted nothing more than to be an adult and use adult words and hang out where adults hung out,” said Singer.

Though now an adult himself, Singer spirit is still youthful and his creative mind stretches to a distance of endless possibilities. “I think we are living in the best time in history, most dead people would agree. If you look in the right places, you will see that it is like a science fiction movie-there is so much going on. I am not sure what age adults are supposed to stop using the imagination for fun or letting it run wild with possibilities, but I never stopped.”

Much of Singer’s act is based on real life experiences or things he’s seen, heard or read about. The events are taken to the extreme limit of absurdity and then made relatable to the entire audience.

For one year Singer was a teacher for Dayton public schools, it not only provided some material but also helped shape him as a comedian. “When I first started, I was filthy for the sake of being filthy. But teaching ten–year-old kids made me learn really fast how to convey messages, information, and my opinion in a clean and appropriate way,” he said.

Singer would rate his act a D, for different, as it’s off the beaten path. Something unexpected and far from normalcy is always just around the corner. “I like to say that the audience and I are going to a place called Comedy Wonder Town, not everybody is ready to go along for the trip. But those who do are usually glad they did.”

Singer’s life follows the same unpredictable trail of possibilities that his routine does. There is no boundaries for either. In addition to his stand-up, Singer enjoys making web series for his website, acting, sketch comedy and writing. “There are no rules about what I can or will achieve. The world I choose to inhabit is best explained like this: if you walked into a library and switch the fiction and non-fiction signs, that is where I live and what I believe is possible for myself, my career, and everyone else,” said Singer.

For a preview of Comedy Wonder Town visit and then book a trip via Wiley’s for July 7-9; Thursday at 8 p.m. for $5, Friday at 9 p.m. for $10 and Saturday at 8 p.m. & 10:30 p.m. for $12. Call 224-JOKE for reservations.