You may have noticed some activity in front of Sam and Ethel’s today… Fred’s Signs installed the newly refurbished neon sign!

Over the past few months this sign has had quite a journey.

First the request to remove and refurbish the neon lit sign was reviewed and approved by the City. (Variance granted to the sign code)

The next task was getting an old sign like that back in working condition with the neon bulbs broken, and most of the electronics rusted and rotting. Owner Keith Long approached the Downtown Tipp City Partnership about their façade improvement program.
Greg Enslen, Chairman of the Downtown Tipp City Partnership was thrilled about the opportunity to help refurbish the sign. “The Sam and Ethel’s sign is an important part of the downtown historical district”, Enslen continued… “Our façade improvement program provided up to $500 to any business who wanted to improve their business façade, I am really glad that Sam and Ethel’s chose to upgrade their sign.”

This afternoon Fred’s Sign’s installed the shiny new sign!

So.. you may be asking when will Sam and Ethel’s be open?
In order to find that out.. You will have to visit the Sam and Ethel’s Facebook fanpage.
I suggest that you become fans of Sam and Ethel’s as well, so they can send you messages about their menu, hours of operation, etc.

Keith Long did share one bit of info with me.. When the sign is lit… We will be open!

If you are not familiar with what the historic looking sign looked like prior to the spruce up job..

Tippecanoe - Nostalgia

Photo courtesy of Andrea Nay