Secretary of State visits Tipp City


Here is an excerpt from the Tipp Herald article about the Ohio Secretary of State’s Visit to Tipp City.

Staff Writer

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said she knows change is hard, but Ohioans will need to adjust to ensure the validity of the state’s voting process. Brunner spoke about the state’s voting procedure and equipment with Tipp City, Troy and Piqua Chamber of Commerce members in addition to several other Miami County figure-heads Tuesday at Harrison’s in Tipp City.

“Ohio is neither red nor blue and we tend to swing one way or another, which is why we probably seem to matter so much in this country when it comes to the presidential election,” Brunner said. Brunner said after the 2000 presidential election, many people throughout the country were skeptical of the way ballots were cast and counted. “People really felt strongly about that,” she said.

To read more of the article, click HERE.


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