November 11, 2009, Tipp City, Ohio: Spring Hill Nurseries is reopening its doors this holiday season as a specialty catalog outlet center for many popular mail order catalog brands. The Dayton area business landmark originally closed its Garden Center doors temporarily on October 12, 2009, due to weaker than expected retail sales. In the meantime, the company refocused its resources and restructured the retail operation to give the community something truly unique. On November 27th, 2009, the center will reemerge as a catalog outlet center that will feature overstock from various catalog brands at greatly reduced prices.

Lori Wrhel, spokesperson for the Tipp City Catalog Outlet Center, says this reopening is an exciting moment for the company. “The new Catalog Outlet Center will allow us to provide the community with something completely new,” said Wrhel. “We’re excited to give our customers multiple opportunities to save big throughout the year – during the holidays and beyond.”

The Tipp City Catalog Outlet Center will be seasonal, opening when catalog surplus items arrive. Annual highlights will include the winter/holiday sale and a late spring/early summer plant clearance sale. In the winter, the store will feature gift items, seasonal/holiday items, puzzles/games/toys, housewares, home décor, clothing, gift items, and jewelry. In the late spring, the center will feature home and garden items, perennials, trees, shrubs, fruit trees and plants, vegetable seed, and various overstock and discontinued items.

The mail-order catalog companies participating in the Tipp City Catalog Outlet Center will include Bits and Pieces, The Paragon, TouchStone, Spilsbury, Images of America, Room Service Home, Spring Hill Nurseries, Gurneys Seed & Nursery, Gardens Alive, Henry Field’s Seed & Nursery, Breck’s Bulbs, Michigan Bulb Company, Thompson & Morgan Seeds, and Audubon Workshop.

On the day after Thanksgiving, also known as “Black Friday,” the Catalog Outlet Center will be open for the first time to customers from 10:00am until 6:00pm. From November 28, 2009, through January 3, 2010, the store will be open every Saturday from 10:00am to 6:00pm, and every Sunday, Noon to 6:00pm. After the holidays, the Tipp City Catalog Outlet Center will open periodically throughout the year for special sales and events.

Spring Hill Nurseries History

Founded in 1849, Spring Hill Nurseries is one of the oldest and largest gardening companies in the United States. Spring Hill distributes catalogs nationwide and maintains a substantial presence online.