Your local Tipp City Tree Board members recommend that your trees, especially the newly planted trees (up to 3 years) need to be deep-root irrigated, NOW!  Even the deepest-rooted tree varieties need help.  Place your hose next to the tree trunk and allow a slow trickle of water flow for the minimum of 1 hour per 10-15’ of tree height once every 3 weeks thru October.  Do your part to help support our street trees.

Removal of dead branches is also recommended. The street trees also need to be trimmed to 8 feet above the surface of public sidewalks and 14 feet above street/alley surfaces.  That includes evergreens that are encroaching the sidewalks. We have many walkers and bike riders and trimming your trees is for the safety of all citizens.

If you have questions, please contact Tipp City at 667-6305.