Sun to Set Soon on Frontier


by Joyell Collins
Assistant Editor, Tipp City Herald

EXCERPT – “Tippecanoe Frontier Company, one of the longest standing shops in downtown Tipp City, started with humble beginnings almost twenty years ago. While her kids were growing up, Mara Back was a stay-at-home mom. When her boys went to high school, Back’s husband Ernie asked her, ‘well, what do you feel like doing?’ I said, I want to own my own business,” Back recalls.

Ernie suggested both a bookstore and a pipe store, but both were vetoed by Mara. Now I find that ironic,” she said, “I’m now sandwiched between a book store and a pipe store.” hat she did open was a leather goods and filigree shop – giving a profession her husband already did on the side a storefront. When Back was walking downtown looking for a place to open her business, she ran into Mary Butler, the then-owner of the Opera House.”

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