Sun to Set Soon on Frontier


by Joyell Collins
Assistant Editor, Tipp City Herald

EXCERPT – “Tippecanoe Frontier Company, one of the longest standing shops in downtown Tipp City, started with humble beginnings almost twenty years ago. While her kids were growing up, Mara Back was a stay-at-home mom. When her boys went to high school, Back’s husband Ernie asked her, ‘well, what do you feel like doing?’ I said, I want to own my own business,” Back recalls.

Ernie suggested both a bookstore and a pipe store, but both were vetoed by Mara. Now I find that ironic,” she said, “I’m now sandwiched between a book store and a pipe store.” hat she did open was a leather goods and filigree shop – giving a profession her husband already did on the side a storefront. When Back was walking downtown looking for a place to open her business, she ran into Mary Butler, the then-owner of the Opera House.”

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Mike McDermott is publisher of several web news properties, including this one. Long time resident, and local business owner, Mike McDermott lives in the downtown and fiercely defends Tipp City's honor at home and abroad.


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