Experts, or at least that’s what they call themselves, say that the first step towards overcoming a problem is admitting it. So, here goes nothing, I’m addicted to playing the ‘Family Feud’ on Facebook. What began as a brief reprieve from the pressures of being a part time freelance writer has turned into a large consumption of time.

For as long as I can remember I have watched Family Feud on television, from Richard Dawson as host all the way to Steven Harvey and everyone in between. One of the joys of Family Feud is that a Phd isn’t required to play along, anyone can answer the questions. Trust me, many episodes have proven that point.

I always wondered what it would be like to actually be on the show, and without the stage lights and having to deal with your family, the experience can be had courtesy of the Facebook application. A full game is available, against the computer, including the Fast Money round if victorious.

Again, it started as just a means of cheap entertainment; I would savor the feelings of accomplishment when getting a number one answer or on a rare occasion getting the 200 points for Fast Money all by myself. (Yes, it has been done.) I really didn’t pay any attention to the column of scores on the right side of the screen, keeping track of the points earned by my Facebook friends. It was for fun, not a competition, plus I was always at the bottom.

Then my eyes were opened to a whole underground world of Family Feud. Additional points can be earned by helping friends play their Fast Money round, and having them return the favor. The more help you give and get, equals a higher number of points. Then the points can be used to buy gifts, which moves you up to different levels.

Thankfully, episodes are only given to be played every 11 hours. Otherwise, its all I would ever get done. I used to think working an eight hour shift was bad, but waiting 11 hours for the chance to play again is even worse. Then the height of despair is when you don’t win the game and have to wait another eleven hours for a shot at redemption.

As if Facebook didn’t offer enough addictive features, Family Feud has moved up the ranks. I constantly check to see if anyone needs help to win Fast Money, it’s the only consolation while waiting for those eleven long hours to wait. The time it takes me to write an article has doubled due to my check-in’s of Family Feud.

Matter of fact, I better wrap this up as I’m just minutes away from my next episode.