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“Late Start Early Finish” -Bulldogs Beat Up Vikings 42-14

  August football in Ohio can be hot. Late arriving crowd make for long waits at ticket booths, restrooms, and concession stands. Usually outside the...

Dogs Outrun Greyhounds

-Finfrock runs for 286 yards in 28-18 win The winds howled; the rain poured down in sheets, and temperatures dropped into the forties.  M-U Head...

Dogfight Ends in Defeat

-Tipp City, OH In what only can be described as a classic, street fight between two great rivals, the Tipp City Red Devils overcame...

Bulldogs Gift Wrap Jacks’ Victory

-Memorial Stadium West Milton, OH Just hours before game time, Head Coach Bret Pearce was asked what he thought the one key to beating...

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