The 9/11 Machine


The 9/11 Machine by Greg Enslen

Lately I have been reading books by my friend, Greg Enslen, The 9/11 Machine being the latest.  It is truly fascinating to read a book written by someone you know.  In Black Bird, he wrote about a serial killer who collected body parts from his victims.  In this book, he wrote about time travel.  I had no idea that Greg was so creative, techy and dare I say (referring to Black Bird) creepy!

So, I see Greg after finishing The 9/11 Machine and my first comment was “you blew my mind”.  Now I feel I need to clarify that.  In The 9/11 Machine Dr. Ellis has lost both his wife and daughter in the south tower of The World Trade Center on 9/11.  He then throws himself into figuring out how to go back in time and hopefully change the outcome.  However, he doesn’t just go back in time but he goes back in time many times – the description of the events that unfolded in each “new” timeline is what “blew my mind”.  From President Bush loosing his mind and Mr. Chaney becoming President to a plane crashing into the Capitol to Mr. Gore becoming president…all of these things gives that could have happened gives the reader lots to consider.  These timelines are very imaginative on the part of my friend not to mention that the book is technically strong!

Enjoy this book as I did and hope for the next book to come out soon!


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