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The Benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance

The Benefits of WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system) on the Web. Something like a quarter of all websites use it. It’s popular because it’s simple enough to set up your own site, but you’re better off putting it into the hands of professionals. Its very popularity creates two reasons for doing this.

First, it has lots of options. Thousands of themes compete to give you the best look for your site. Finding the right one for your needs can be a daunting task. An even larger number of plugins allow all kinds of extra functionality. You might not even know that there’s a plugin for something that would help your business. If you do find a plugin, you might not be sure whether it’s a good-quality design. Putting your WordPress site in the hands of experienced maintainers can give it a better look, attracting more customers.

The second reason is that WordPress’s popularity makes it an attractive target for criminals. An attack on the WordPress platform or a popular plugin affects millions of sites, so finding security bugs in it is a lucrative racket. If you run e-commerce or store confidential information, security breaches can cost a lot. To guard against risks, you should have the latest version of WordPress and any plugins you use, and you should replace any plugins that are no longer supported. Having a professionally maintained site ensures that you’ll keep up.

Any website needs to be backed up, and a CMS-based site needs to back up its data base as well as its pages and posts. This is complicated for the average user, but reliable backup is another benefit of a managed site.

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